Pike County Hands of Hope in Action

Hope Line

The Hope Line is the first point of contact for people facing homelessness issues. A trained volunteer provides practical assistance, encouragement & support

Provisional Housing Subsidies

As funding permits, PCHOH provides financial assistance with housing related needs.

Resource & Referrals

Trained volunteers provide program participants with available community resources and referrals to assist with homelessness.

Emergency Care Assistance

PCHOH provides emergency personal care items such as toiletries, food, clothing, and gift cards to those in need.

Relocation Assistance

As funding permits, PCHOH provides assistance related to relocation costs.

Community Outreach

PCHOH Ministry Outreach

Spiritual Assistance

Volunteers and members of the faith-based community provide spiritual support and encouragement to program participants as requested.

Stockpot of Hope

PCHOH plans to provide nutritious meals for the food insecure through a community dining program.


PCHOH periodically provides workshops on topics such as budgeting, home repair, personal awareness & family empowerment.

Public Advocacy

PCHOH is committed to promoting public awareness and educating the community on the issue of homelessness in Pike County

PCHOH is able to provide these services through the dedication of volunteers and the ongoing support of community partners!