Children's Choir

2018 Homeless Memorial Vigil

Jim Pierce, President of Pike County Hands of Hope presided over
our sixth annual Homeless Persons Memorial and Vigil on the courthouse steps in Milford on December 21, 2018.

We were honored to be part of this national memorial event. Thank you to all who attended; thank you for understanding the deadly plight of homeless people everywhere, as well as in our own community.

PCHOH would like to thank the many individuals and organizations who have made this event possible. Fred McNeely and Brianne Binelli worked tirelessly to put the program together. Likewise, the Pike County Commissioners and the Borough of Milford gave us the OK for our public assembly. Our after-event host was the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, thanks for your continued kindness.

Homeless Memorial Vigil 2018
Milford, PA – December 21, 2018, Homeless Memorial Vigil

Reverend Ben Willis of the Presbyterian Church provided a memorial for the homeless. Later, Deacon Tom Spataro of St. Patrick Catholic Church offered a closing prayer.

Back by popular demand, we were treated to songs from the Children’s Choir from the Dingman Delaware Elementary School. We appreciate the efforts of the choir director Brian Krauss and the choir parents to bring this joyful noise to us.

Children's Choir

Mr Pierce stated: “We come together again on this first day of winter, the longest night of the year. We gather as a compassionate people to remember and grieve for those who have perished due to the rigors and trials of their homeless condition. We gather to show our concern and support for those who struggle with homelessness, and those who are on the brink of that terrible circumstance.

We light candles at the vigil to provide a glimmer of hope to those who are homeless. They are our neighbors. Each has a name. They may be huddled in their cars. They may be living in an unheated tent or camper. They may be in an abandoned building.

Others might be a bit more fortunate even if just for a brief time, and a friend or family member may give them a place on a couch or floor. They might be in their foreclosed house, waiting for the final eviction notice. They might be staying for the last few days in the apartment they are being evicted from, one of 140 such evictions in each of the past two years in Pike County.

At the vigil, we put a face to the homeless people we have helped and shared five stories of people who came to us through calling our Hopeline. Our volunteers gave them hope and gave them relief. Our volunteers make our efforts possible.

We ask for your prayers to encourage us in our efforts. We ask you to consider joining us as a Hopeline or board volunteer so we can continue to provide direct personal services to those in need. We ask you for your financial support, without which we cannot help those in need.