2019 Annual Activity Summary, Pike County Hands of Hope

2019 Pike County Hands of Hope Placement Services

Motel and Shelter Placements: Pike County Hands of Hope placed 56 people in 26 family groups in motels during the year, for a total of 378 motel nights of service.  Six of the placements were in conjunction with Safe Haven or Victims Intervention Program (VIP). We shared costs with Safe Haven and VIP, so those persons had an additional 21 nights stay in motels financed by those agencies.

In addition, we referred three callers to the warming station in Port Jervis, and one caller was placed in a motel and paid for by a local church.

Rental placement assistance: There were five RPA’s during the year, primarily in the first half of the year. 

These volumes and allocations reflect the changed relationship with Family Promise, whereby Pike County Hands of Hope focuses on emergency placement and refers to Family Promise for most rental placement assistance scenarios. In situations where Family Promise cannot fund the rental placement, Pike County Hands of Hope will still offer security deposit assistance to eligible persons.  Future budgeting and fund-raising will reflect that changed approach.

Hopeline Volunteer Status:

We continue to have turnover in the volunteer group. We have added new volunteers but some veteran volunteers have stepped down due to changing life situations. We still are in need of more volunteers to help lighten the load for all. For information on how you can help us by volunteering, click here.

Posted by Karen Rice

Report compiled by Jim Pierce, Pike County Hands of Hope Hopeline Coordinator