Point in Time Survey – Wednesday , January 25th-2017

The Point in Time Count of Unsheltered Persons Experiencing Homelessness (PIT Survey) will take place on Wednesday, January 25th, starting at sunset. This is an annual survey. It is done across the entire United States, and provides a snapshot of the number of homeless and unsheltered persons. The survey is performed the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the local Pike County lead agency for the 2017 survey is the Pike County Planning and Human Development Office. The survey is under the supervision of Executive Director Christine Kerstetter.

The Pike County Hands of Hope (PCHOH) will provide survey teams to seek unsheltered homeless persons throughout Pike County. Two-person teams from PCHOH will operate from 9:00m.

PCHOH President Jim Pierce said the teams would seek information from public safety officials as well as agencies, churches and other organizations that may have information on where homeless persons will be staying that evening. Typical places homeless persons spend time are parking lots of shopping centers, parks and campgrounds and abandoned buildings.

The survey is important because it locates persons who are members of our communities who desperately need assistance, provides hard data on homelessness in Pike County, adjacent communities, and throughout the state and country, and can lead to support of future funding to Pike County to address the needs of our less fortunate citizens. Homeless persons found in the survey can be given the advice and contacts they need to find suitable housing.

Mr. Pierce is asking the public to contact him via email at president@pikecountyhoh.org with leads or information they have on the location of specific unsheltered homeless persons in the community. This includes people sleeping in places such as parking lots, abandoned buildings or campsites, or placed in shelters or motel lodging by agencies. Persons staying with friends or relatives are not counted in the survey.